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New Class Portal for Cowabunga | Pike13

Updated: Apr 23

Cowabunga is switching the system we use to manage our schedule, memberships, and accounts. This article will help Cowabunga members understand the switch to our new system. Please read to learn how to claim your accounts and begin registering for your usual weekly parkour classes at Cowabunga. If you want to learn why we are switching, we will detail that at the end of the article. The new system is called Pike13.

Download the new app

IOS users can download the Pike13 app here.

Claim Your Account

You will receive an email from titled "Welcome to Cowabunga Ninja Sports Parkour Gym" Open that email and click the button "Claim your account" or "Go to your account".

Create your password and finalize your account.

How to enroll in weekly Parkour Sessions

Log In

Enter the email address and the password you set when you opened the original "Welcome to Cowabunga" email.

NOTEIf you haven’t yet claimed your account with us, you first need to do so by opening the welcome email we sent you on day 1 and following the instructions to create your account. Contact us if you need help making or reclaiming your account.


Once logged in you will now be on your account dashboard. To enroll in a session, open the schedule from the menu. The 3-line" MENU" icon on the upper left. (Bookmark this page for next time!)


Navigate the schedule and tap on the session on that day and time of your choice. (Scroll down to see today's schedule. Use arrow keys to move forward in the week or tap the calendar icon to pick your date).  


Select who you would like to enroll (can only select 1 child at a time, for now) Then click “next”. 


 Select Finish. 

NOTE:  Asking for payment? If you do not have a membership, it will ask you to pay or enroll in a membership. If you do have a membership, it will confirm with you that you are about to use one of your credits.  Sometimes it asks you to select what membership on your profile you want to use. Be sure to scroll down to see what payment types its offering. 

Have multiple kids? STEP 5

To enroll more students

Repeat steps 7-9 and select the next student. Do this for each student

Enroll Each Week

To save your spot in the same class each week, you may either enroll into future weeks on the schedule or select the reoccurring/bulk enrollment option. If you don't enroll in future weeks, your spot will not be guaranteed in the event we fill up. Don't worry, you may make up your session in another class or allow your missed visit to roll over to the next month.


You are now enrolled for sessions! We’re looking forward to teaching you how to be a ninja!

Why are we switching?

Our old system, IclassPro had some fundamental issues. For example, if a member wanted to place their account on hold for a vacation, the old system was unable to do so. This paired with several other frustrating shortfalls prompted this transition. We understand moving systems will cause some temporary friction for our members. We are here to assist you through this change! Please reach out to us if you need any further assistance.

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