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About Cowabunga Ninja Sports

Welcome to Cowabunga Ninja Sports Gym, Petoskey, Michigan's premier destination for youth sports and fitness, where we specialize in kids' parkour classes and a variety of engaging kids' programs.


Nestled in the heart of Petoskey, we are dedicated to inspiring young athletes through dynamic parkour lessons, fostering a love for movement, creativity, and lifelong fitness.

At Cowabunga Ninja Sports Gym, we believe in the power of parkour to transform lives. Our expertly designed kids' parkour classes cater to young adventurers from ages 3-15, offering a safe and supportive environment where they can learn, grow, and push their limits. We also have lessons for adults.

Our certified instructors, passionate about youth sports and fitness, are committed to providing the highest quality parkour lessons in Petoskey, ensuring each child develops the skills, confidence, and resilience needed to navigate any obstacle.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our classes.


As a key player in Petoskey's vibrant community, we aim to be your first choice for "youth sports" and "kids' programs" in the area. Whether your child is looking to dive into parkour for the first time or hone their skills in our advanced "kids parkour classes," Cowabunga Ninja Sports Gym offers a comprehensive range of options to meet every need and skill level.

Join us at Cowabunga Ninja Sports Gym and be a part of a community that celebrates movement, encourages creativity, and champions the development of healthy, active lifestyles for children. Discover why we're Petoskey's go-to for "parkour lessons" and a leader in youth sports education. Your child's adventure into the exciting world of parkour and fitness starts here.


Experience the difference at Cowabunga Ninja Sports Gym – where every leap, climb, and roll is a step towards a brighter, healthier future.

Get $15 off your first class

Petoskey's Premiere
Parkour & Ninja Gym 

Kids transform into ninjas with Cowabunga's pro parkour coaches.

In our weekly classes, students develop massive coordination, agility, and confidence while learning parkour and playing exciting movement games.


Get your cowabunga on this week, book a beginner's class now!  

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